We are a young company which deals with organization of cloackrooms and entrance systems  for several years.
In an exclusive representation of the Dutch company we are introducing a unique system CoatCheck.

Our inovative system for ticket sales and organization of cloakrooms offers a quick return of your money
and also saves a time. Further positives are not only stylish design combined with a small size of machine,
but also the stability of the system, which is not threatened even by blackout.
During organization your cloakroom you can print the ticket just by pressing one button.
Cloakroom ticket is divided into two parts: one stub belongs to the customer and one with a hole for any peg or hook.
Our new adhesive tickets for baggage lets you mark suitcases or bags.
CoatCheck is a great solution for clubs, hotels, conference and sport centers,  and other social events.
CoatCheck is a great solution for cloakrooms of any capacity.
Preparation of tickets has never been easier: Programming can be carried out using a network cable and software that offer free Support section. Here you can find instructions for easy operation.
On cloakroom tickets and tickets you can print custom logos and extra vouchers or coupons as an option for promotional purposes, or visibility of your sponsor.
CoatCheck is a unique system that saves you money and time!
At the end of each use CoatCheck will provide you overall bill, specifying all sales, and therefore provides full control of your total turnover. This gives you a good overview over the service of your cloakroom and selling tickets.