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For work with printer Coatcheck you'll find a software for Windows.

How to install a software

The latest version of software: Coatcheck_OneFive_Setup_ver_4_8.exe
Connect printer with your PC

Use LAN cabel, which is included in pack with printer Coatcheck.
Turn off Wi-Fi on your computer for proper connection.
Next step: Open Control Panel -> Network and Internet - >Network Connections. There set your network card to properly connect the printer to your PC

Settings of IP adress

According to the left-hand image below to set the local area connection where you press Properities of Protocol IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
For 100% functionallity, enter fixed IP adress and DNS according the values on the right picture

Open a program Coatcheck OneFive

After starting the program you'll see a screen where you set the Printer Setings:
language, curreny, name of company, city, website and your logo.
In another panel entitled Button Setings you can set options on tickets

Completion of settings

After complete setup of your tickets, simply send data to your printer with Send Settings button.
We recommend that you always save your settings by the pressing Save Layout button
In case of problem, don't hasitate to use our NON STOP line +420 776 516 111.